Monday, September 26, 2005

Demi Moore (42) Marries Ashton Kutcher (27)

Not that this is the case HERE (it apparently is not), but I would imagine that the recent Hollywood trend in young men hanging with/marrying older women would seem a perfect fit, for example, for a guy who really prefers not to have sex with women. He can then have a nice mother figure and not really worry about being called upon for distasteful activities. Now, if you have seen "Charlie's Angels, Full Throttle" you can see why Kutcher might go for Moore and why Justin Timberlake (most embarrassing Punk'd performance ever, cried and called his mom) might go for Cameron Diaz. But you have to start questioning some of these matchups -- Barbara Hershey seems like a pleasant enough woman, but I think that Raquel Welch (65) or Ann Margret (64) or Sophia Loren (71), while significantly older than Hershey, are all more substantial targets for whom the middle-eastern looking guy from "Lost" could have shot. But that is just me.........HM

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