Monday, September 26, 2005

Don Adams Checks Out

The "Get Smart" actor was 82 -- no mention of a family in this article: Watching re-runs of many TV shows, it appears that there are certain TV shows that stand the test of time ("Cheers" comes to mind, as does "Seinfeld"), other good shows appear mediocre except in spots ("Friends") while other shows just do not hold up well (I'd nominate "The Cosby Show" and "Miami Vice"). But there are other shows that are just completely a matter of personal taste -- while I love "The Andy Griffith Show," "Frasier" and "Silver Spoons", among the shows I detest are "I Love Lucy" (basically "Gilligan's Island" with Lucille Ball subbing for Bob Denver) and "Get Smart." The attached article notes that the show's popularity dropped on CBS because the jokes became repetitive and stale. Nice of the audience to notice AFTER SEVERAL YEARS that they were telling the same jokes every show (oh, look honey, that guy in the clock again). I have never sat through an entire episode of "Get Smart" and I never will. I prefer to remember Adams as the star of "Check It Out." While CIO is perhaps the most underproduced sitcom of all time (you literally felt like there was a super 8 camera filming at a grocery store), at least you could watch the show with your law school roommate without having to listen to others claim that you were watching the greatest TV comedy of all time.

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