Thursday, October 06, 2005

Eddy Curry & Isiah

Isiah takes Curry off the Bulls hands when no one else will. Zeke is going to send Mike Sweetney and Tim Thomas, and Jermaine Jackson ("Let's Get Serious") plus a #1, the right to flip #1s, and a couple #2s all for Curry and 350 year old Antonio Davis (is actually older than Dale Davis). Now, put to one side Zeke's claim in 2004 that Sweetney was "untouchable" and focus on just this one fact -- Zeke traded a guy who makes $2MM this year and $3MM the next for a guy Zeke will almost certainly pay $5-10MM a year. Zeke already has Jerome James and some ridiculous figure. Zeke's team payroll is at $115,000,000 WITHOUT Curry! Where is Susan Powter when you need her?

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