Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bartolo Colon Steals Cy Young Award

Proving that baseball writers almost never watch a baseball game, or that they are just too stupid to understand what they are watching, they award Bartolo Colon the Cy Young Award for 2005 over Mariano Rivera and John Santana. Now, there are some people who believe that relievers can never win, so let's just compare Colon with Santana.
Colon had 5 more wins and a .030 better winning percentage pitching for the 95 win Angels who scored 4.7 runs per game. Santana pitched for a Twins team that scored a league worst 4.25 runs a game and won 83 games.

Those, my friends, are the only stats that FAVOR Colon. ERA -- Santana, Strikeouts -- Santana, Innings Pitched -- Santana, complete games -- Santana, Batters faced -- Santana, Batting average and runners against -- Santana.

So, Santana faced more batters, pitched more complete games, struck out more guys, allowed fewer runners, and basically defeated fat boy Colon in every statistic except wins (really clutch playoff performance by Colon BTW). This all occurred while Santana was pitching for the worst-hitting club in the AL, a club that barely reached .500.

Unbelievably bad voting. Look for Jermaine Dye to win AL MVP.


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