Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eagles Cartoon and a New Bottom 10 NFL
Amazingly, the sucky Lions and Vikes managed to win and go 4-5 overall. Will that keep them out of the Bottom 10? Well, here goes.

Almost in, but slightly too good -- Detroit (-13 on points differential and 4-5; they suck, but not bad enough); Miami (3-6, -12, should have beaten New England); Oakland (-14, very tough schedule, 3-6).

23rd best -- Cleveland -- they are 3-6 and only -35 for point differential

24th -- Tennessee -- while 2-7 they have two AFC wins and only a negative 56 point differential

25th -- Arizona -- again 2-7 and a negative 73, but they have some talent on both sides of the ball.

26th -- Minnesota -- it truly pains me to put them this high, but when you win 2 straight and have a new Qb who turns it over less than 5 times a game, that skyrockets you up the charts. 4-5 negative 74

Ultra Sucky
27th best -- Green Bay -- while 2-7, they actually have a positive point differential (+17) but that comes from edging the Saints by 49. Still, a good win in Atlanta is not to be slighted.

28th -- Baltimore -- awfully hard to rate because they have played for weeks without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. But scoring 100 total points and being 2-7 negative 71 is horrid.

29th -- Jets -- they are actually debating whether to use Kliff Kingsbury at the helm -- 2-7 negative 79. I may see if they will let me take a few snaps.

30th -- New Orleans -- they have no fans; they have no home; tough overall schedule, but they also lost to MN and to GBay 52-3; seem to find a way to lose every week. 2-7, negative 100

Battle For the Worst
31st -- I just think that the 49ers are grittier than the Texans. Sure they start 1-13 Cody Pickett, but they only lost 17-9 to the Bears and may have won had the missed field goal traveled three yards farther. 2-7, negative 137 (they have been more than doubled on the year).

32nd -- Houston Texans; 1-8, negative 123 (scored 124, therefore they have almost been doubled); I just don't see any hope here. Guess that off coordinator really wasn't to blame!

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