Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vikings -- Wild Card Candidate???

I know this sounds bizarre (particularly when the Vikes have beaten Det, GB(2), NO, and a lucky win v. NYG), but is it actually possible that the Vikings stand a wild card chance?

The Vikes end the year with Cleveland, St. Louis (no Bulger), Pittsburgh (Maddox, Batch?) and Chicago at the Metrodome. The only two road tilts are Detroit and Baltimore.

Assume that the Vikes could somehow win the home games and lose the road games to go 9-7. The only teams likely to go 9-7 or better in the NFC are division leaders Chicago, Dallas and Seattle, plus the Giants, Tampa and Atlanta and maybe Washington.

So, give the divisions to the current leaders. The Vikes enjoy the tiebreaker on New York. The Vikes only have to hope that Washington continues to fade and that either Tampa or Atlanta falls to 8-8.

NFC North -- TWO playoff teams?!!!!!!!!! Yikes.

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