Thursday, December 01, 2005

J.J. Redick

I am going against my better instincts here, but I think I have to say this -- I now believe that J.J. Redick will enjoy a good NBA career along the lines of Steve Kerr or B.J. Armstrong. Yes, I know that he is a defensive sieve. Yes, I know that he is white and not a particularly good jumper. But I think that what you are starting to see in Redick is an ability to adapt. To handle the ball well enough to create a little space. To get open far enough that he can get time to set his feet. While he lacks Richard Hamilton's grit and sinewy physique, he shares the unrelenting offensive style of the former UConn guard.
You put Redick on a team like Miami or Indiana and he gets a lot of wide open shots. No one questions his range or his accuracy. So, mid-first round pick, good NBA career.

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Gary Freedman said...

Rock on!