Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alex Rodriguez

Much, much criticism of A-Rod of late. 20 errors, 6 for his last 32. Look, the guy has an awful throwing motion (ugly underhand flip) so he is going to have some errors. He also has never really been a clutch player who dominates good teams, so why expect that? If you are NY, you just have to live with the fact that A-Rod will always be a slightly better Scottie Pippen. He will win you 30 games a year by himself, 25 of which will be against sub-.500 squads and 5 of which will be against good squads. There is value to that in a 162 game season. You need 95 wins to make the playoffs and this guy will win you 30. Your other guys just have to account for 65. Now, it would be nice to also have a Jordan so you can win 115 games a year, but A-Rod ain't Jordan. What the Yankees truly lack is consistent pitching. That isn't A-Rod's fault. The most similar batters to A-Rod through age 29:
Ken Griffey
Mel Ott
Mickey Mantle
Hank Aaron
Frank Robinson
Eddie Mathews
Jimmie Foxx
Rogers Hornsby
Vladimir Guerrero
Al Kaline .........................................So, I guess, based upon that pedigree, Yankee fans can put up with the guy for a few more years....


Hawk and Yankee Fan said...

HM, who's better than you? Covering Atlanta Hawks basketball more often than the AJC and now an A-Rod take?

K said...

Here's a question- since A-Rod is gettign booed at home, what should fans do when he is at a visting ballpark. Why boo and make him feel at home? Cheer the guy?