Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Knicks Sign Jared Jeffries to $33MM deal

OK, we all know Isiah has no idea what the f he is doing (etc.). Jeffries' agent apparently turned down a 6-year deal with Washington for $33MM. Rumor is that Jeffries prefers to be in NY for the endorsement deals. Jared Jeffries, endorsement deals. Um, OK, I guess there is SO much money in NYC that you have to have SOMEONE endorse your products, but my goodness gracious.....Which bring me more to my more salient point -- Jared Jeffries sucks. He is a 6 point a game scorer who struggles to shoot 58% from the line. Yes, he can catch the ball on the break and lay it in the basket. But he isn't teamed with Steve Nash, he is teamed with Marbury/Francis/Crawford for the foreseeable future. He won't be seeing the ball. I have seen NYC blogs where (obviously desperate) Knicks fans tout this as the signing of a great defender who guarded LeBron James one-on-one in the playoffs. A) Jeffries' defensive stats in his career are about equal to those of Mike Dunleavy, Jr.; B) Recall that the Cavs WON the Wizards series b/c the Wiz absolutely could not guard LeBron and he went off for something like 35 a night! Being assigned to a good player in close games does not make you a good defender, it says a lot about either your coach or other available options (Arenas/Jamison anyone?). Jeffries' 2006 stats compare unfavorably to the 2006 stats of Kwame Brown and Mike Dunleavy has had a FAR better career (see below). If you want a crappy, overpaid player, why not go out and get one of those (clearly available) guys? Another just ridiculous Isiah signing.



Anonymous said...

you're just another bean counter that can't see beyond statistical averages. If you look at the wizards' team last year, they had many shoot-first players on their own squad, yet their winning percentage was much higher than that of the knicks. why is that, you ask beaner? no its not because of gilbert arenas' numbers. it is because they had a bowen type defensive player, who in this case is big enough to lock down the opponent's best scorer at multiple positions. the fact that jeffries doesn't score is a good thing in NY, you've got 4 of the starting five in NY having a reputation for being scorers, you need that one guy who can come in like Rodman and do all the dirty work.
lebron, in the playoffs, is going to avereage 30+, that's just a fact of life. doesn't matter who you put on him. well, if you put dunlevey on him... yeah, like I said 30+, irrespective of the defender, defensive style, box and one, double teams, triple teams.
i'm not sure how much you know about basketball besides stats...
perhaps you do better in fantasy league analysis?
wait a second, is your name john hollinger?

HM said...

You have no idea what you are talking about.

1) Wiz are a bad defensive club, only marginally better than the Knicks. Wiz opponents shot 46.5%, Knicks opponents shot 46.6% Wiz allowed 100 points per game. Wiz were better than Knicks because Wiz could outscore clubs and Wiz's GM wasn't constantly acquiring overpriced incompatible talent.

2) You compare JJ to Dennis Rodman and Bruce Bowen. Both are absurd comparisons. When JJ gets 6 all-defense awards or averages 18+ rebounds per game, I will drive to his next game (wherever it may be) and hold up a sign that says, "JJ for President." Until then, he is basically a worse Mike Dunleavy or almost a Kwame Brown.

3) Game 6, 1st round of playoffs -- LeBron and Donyell 26 of 40 shooting. JJ -- 3 points, 6 rebounds. Lock down defender at 3 positions? What are they, point guard, off guard and center?

4) Eddie Jordan played JJ less than he played Antonio Daniels (nuf said). JJ played about 50% of the game (easy to recall since it is about the same as his free throw percentage). Eddie obviously underestimated the Bowen/Rodman factor.

5) If the Knicks have Balkman, Lee, and Rose, why spend $30MM on another hustle player who you concede won't help them at the offensive end? How about getting Channing Frye (the good version of JJ) to actually play harder?

6) You hate stats because w/o stats you can say ridiculous things (JJ is Dennis Rodman, Wiz won due to defense) without fear of being exposed as someone who does not know what the hell they are talking about.

I am, however, gald to see that either Jared Jeffries' agent or Isiah Thomas's mom reads my blog.

Anonymous said...

I should have known better than to read your blog, you watch american idol for God's sake.

You know you're right, Bowen and Rodman are way better than jeffries, I agree. Perhaps I worded that wrong. The point I was trying to make is that those two players don't score and yet were still highly effective players for their winning teams. This was the rational behind the 30 million dollar contract that Jeffries signed. Both Philadelphia and Washington offered Jeffries 33 million dollar contracts by the way, i don't see you critizing those teams, for some reason.

It saddens me to know that most 'sportswriters' judge players soley on statistical points per dollars, having played ball all my life I know that stats can be misleading. But you're right, John Stocton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson are all NBA Champions, right? Oh wait, that's right, they weren't. Why was that again? I though stats = championships?

Anytime you feel like talking about basketball you can find me at the west fourth street court in NYC we'll see who knows what about basketball.

As for your assestment of all things Jared Jeffries and Isiah Thomas, well, I've got your blog bookmarked, I'll check back with you at the allstar break to see how far your tongue will be up the knicks ass by then.

HM said...

We will see. It is rare that I get strong response to any item, so I am at least glad to see that someone has some pro-Knicks passion out there.