Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kid Rock -- Slap On The Wrist For Waffle House Brawl

As I stated here, what Kid Rock was alleged to have done outside a Waffle House in Atlanta is not, in any true sense of the word, a crime. But Mr. Robert Ritchie decided that the better course of action was to plead guilty to something and get a $1,000 fine, 6 hours of anger management counseling and 80 hours of community service.

That sends a clear message to every potential Waffle House brawler in the south (i.e. every single one of their customers): if you brawl in our parking lot and if you are a famous celeb and if it gets national attention and if the local prosecutor decides to prosecute you -- you might end up paying .000001% of your net worth and giving some speeches to kids!



Andy said...

Based solely on that last sentence is why I spend my Friday nights like I do.

K said...

"All Summer Long!"