Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Josh Howard -- Won't Listen to the National Anthem -- "I am Black, Goddamnit!"

The biggset problem with the footage I have seen is this: why even HAVE a national anthem? This is a frigging celebrity flag football game. I had a volleyball game in my yard last night -- no national anthem was played before the game.

And exactly what level of respect do you think players will give the anthem when the game is sponsored by............Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson!?!?! You are fortunate that you didn't have footage of guys doing drugs on the field between plays. Couldn't they have added Roy Tarpley and Snoop Dogg as sponsors?

Josh Howard -- doing for his race what John Rocker did for his. Um, Josh, ya play in DALLAS, TEXAS. Maybe at least ought to fake some patriotism.


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