Monday, December 01, 2008

University of Buffalo Bulls -- Bowl Bound, Baby!

My undergrad alma mater is poised to make a bowl appearance!

This guy predicts a birth in the "International Bowl" against UConn. But a win in the MAC championship game would lead the mighty Bulls to a game against NC State in the Motor City Bowl.

How weird is it that Buffalo is going to any bowl game? Well, they have never been. They have never, to my knowledge, had a winning season while in D-I. They have committed for 2009......................2 2-star recruits. In 2008 they had no recruit above 2 stars (5 is the max).

On the plus side, the Bulls feature 4-year starter Drew Willy at QB. Willy has thrown 22 TDs and only 5 INTs this year, and he has had 9 games in which he has completed a pass of over 30 yards.

Another plus for the Bulls is that they are one of the few remaining NON-racist clubs in the nation, being led by former Nebraska QB turned head coach Turner Gill!! He is one of three remaining D-I black football coaches. (The link mentions Sylvester Croom -- he just resigned).

Go Bulls!!! Maybe some day we get a 3-star recruit????????