Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Brady Quinn For Jay Cutler?


Now this makes some sense. Cutler is erratic and has never shown an ability to win games. Quinn is certainly not as physically gifted, but he may be a steadier hand that the new Broncos coach would feel more comfortable with.

I say a good deal for both clubs if it can get done.


Al Swearengen said...

HM: "Cutler is erratic and has never shown an ability to win games ... which is amazing because one would think that playing alongside Denver's 6th-string running back for a good portion of last season would have been a dream come true for Cutler. After all, who's expecting Cutler to pass when he's in a position to hand off to fullback Peyton Hillis. As Denver's leading rusher, Hillis put up 343 yards last year - good for 59th in the NFL! Plus, the opportunity to play with the always-steady Brandon Marshall can't be overlooked -- except, of course, during those games when Marshall is suspended. Anyway, I just don't see it. Pro Bowler or not, Cutler's a complete piece of dung. Brady Quinn, by contrast, is a proven NFL winner. Granted, Quinn's record as a starter last year was only 1-7, but it goes without saying that Brady is blameless in that regard. Let's look at these two head to head. Cutler waited until the fourth quarter of Denver's road win at Cleveland to throw 3 touchdowns. What the hell was he doing the rest of the game? Throwing for 447 yards? Please. I'm not a "yardage" guy. I'm not a "wins" guy. I don't care if players, coaches, and fans selected Cutler to go to the Pro Bowl. What the hell do fans know, anyway? At the end of the day, I just want to make an apples-to-apples comparison, and Brady Quinn is clearly the better quarterback when you compare these two on any meaningful criterion."

HM said...

I didn't create the trade rumor, Al. I just post it.

My points on Cutler:

1. Jay was named to this guy's "most overrated team":


That was at mid-season! Then he powered Denver to 4 losses in their final 6, including home losses to OAKLAND! and BUFFALO!

So does Jay Cutler have any history of winning important games? Answer -- no. Does he have any history as anything other than a sub-.500 QB? No.

2. When I watch Jay Cutler play, the thing that comes to my mind is not "winner," it is "won't come through when they need it."

3. A post from a Broncos fan on the topic of Jay Cutler:

cutler is nothing but a chump with a big mouth. i don't remember any denver qb who cried as much as this guy. cutler has a 45.9 winning percentage. this little girl should still be holding a clip board for a one jake plummer. shanny should have gotten fired 2 years ago after benching a qb who took the team to the afc championship game, had a .750 winning percentage the next year, and then put in a rookie to play for him. i would trade cutler, rebuild a defense, and get a game manager qb. as long as the guy can throw the ball 40 yards, you have recievers who can catch it. it sure seems to me that mcd wants to win now, and i can tell you that he won't with a cutler under center. even if they do, they will still choke to indy, sd, new england, and chokeland. why not dump cutler for a bunch of draft pics (washington gives them away like lottery tickets) and try to pick up warner to a 2 yr contract and get another game manager qb to build during warners time there? 4500 yards? so the f*** what? know what counts 25 td's, 18 ints. he threw for 4500 yds and only 25 tds... not to mention how many red zone ints, and fumbles. how about the game given to him by ed hocculi? his percentage would be lower still and they wouldnt have even had the chance to play the chargers for a playoff spot... get rid of the bum. send him to detroit, he would be a good fit. heck, send him to minnesota, get some defensive guys. he will probably end up the same fate as tommy maddox... remember that guy?

(entry done)

4. And what is most damning? The SECOND the NE coordinator gets to Denver he tries to dump Cutler and pick up Matt Cassell. So someone who certainly knows a lot about offensive football looks at Jay Cutler and says, basically, "Can't win with him -- gimme Matt Cassell."

Al Swearengen said...

Even if all of those observations with respect to Cutler were well-founded, they don't speak to Brady Quinn's performance vis-a-vis that of Cutler. So, what's with your peculiar fascination with Quinn? His wounded ducks? His pretty white teeth? The say-so of Charlie Weis? Please explain ...

K said...

Okay- you can insert insert either Cutler or Brady Quinn at QB for the Vikes next season? Easy pick. With Cutler, the Vikes are a strogn contender for the NFC title. Brady Quin- not so much.

Al Swearengen said...


K said...

Even without Matt Birk?