Monday, March 30, 2009

Tyler Hansbrough Proves He Is Better Than Oklahoma's Griffin

In the UNC victory over Oklahoma, UNC's Tyler Hansbrough (8 points, 6 rebounds) established once and for all that his draft stock should be higher than Griffin --

Taylor Griffin (4 points, 2 rebounds).

So in the battle for the last slot in the first round of the draft, Hansbrough dominated!!

Oh, you thought I meant Blake Griffin (who when double and triple-teamed by UNC went for 23 and 16)??? Yeah, uh huh, right. Have you ever watched either guy play basketball? Griffin is a young Charles Barkley. Hansbrough is Eduardo, or a poor man's Malik Rose.

If you selected 5 guys from UNC's current team to be in the NBA, would "Psycho T" even be a top 5 pick? Well, you have Lawson, then Ellington, then Green, then Thompson. I guess T is better than Bobby Frasor. But I think Tyler Zeller would get picked before Tyler H. So no -- not top 5 on his own team.

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