Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson -- Dead

I am selecting this video because it is from a time when Michael was still part human and it shows his unbelievable fan following. I have also always found the song lyrics fitting -- "I am asking him to change his ways."

Since I firmly believe that the guy was a child molester, I really cannot give him his due here except to say that if there was ever a study to be done of how a person's upbringing impacted his life, this would be your #1 target for such a study.

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RKG said...

My feelings about Michael are translating into mixed emotions, resulting in unexpected ambivalence about his death.

On the one hand, I, like hundreds of millions of others, think he was a musical genius. He blended R&B, soul and dance music in a way that transformed pop music into what it is today. He was, in my mind, probably the single greatest entertainer of the mass media age, with his performance at the Motown 25th Anniversary tribute being the most memorable live musical television performance of my lifetime, not to mention the videos to Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean. There was the philanthropy with USA for Africa, and the moving performance at the Superbowl. The video for Black and White is still my all-time favorite. I have shared these videos with both of my kids, and they have watched in stunned and speechless amazement at his energy, emotion and rhythm, just as I did as a young man. I once drove 28 hours roundtrip (from SLC to Denver) to see the two hour Victory Tour at Mile High Stadium. In sum, he had a great influence on my generation, and on me in particular.

Unfortunately, that is juxtaposed against the strange person he apparently was or became. The surgeries, the sleeping with kids (literally and figuratively), the monkey, the barium chamber, the bones of the Elephant Man, the masks, and the house in an amusement park--it all added up to a deeply flawed human who was difficult to like, little alone celebrate.

So, I am watching the tributes, loving the music, and wishing I could mourn for the Michael that was my icon, and not for the Michael that became so strange.

But in a way, haven't we all been mourning the Michael that was for several years now? I think so. And I guess that's why I am somewhat ambivalent about the current Michael's passing. I lost the Michael I loved a long time ago.