Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Mark Sanford

Some great Sanford tidbits today from his tearful second confession to the press:

1) He went to NYC to meet the mistress and took along a "spiritual advisor" to help him say "no" to her and dump her.

Did not work.

What a wussy. Sorry, but if you are so weak of spirit that you cannot dump a woman without some wannabe Svengali helping you........Plus IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!

2) He asked his wife more than once to go and meet the woman.

Um, why? If you recall my Cast Party story, for a period of about 2 months in my life I had 2+ girlfriends. I had absolutely NO interest in having them meet one another. Was he trying the George Costanza ("it is a French phrase and I don't know how to say it") way out of the relationship?

3) Wife found out about the affair when she found a draft LETTER he was writing to the woman.

A letter? It is 2009. I cannot even recall when I last wrote a personal letter.
I used to write my girlfriend letters in 1981. I was only 17 and I STILL never left them lying around the house!!!!!! You are the Governor of a decent sized state -- don't you have an office? Don't you have a desk drawer that locks? My lord.

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