Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chicks and Ducks and Geese Better Scurry

Cuz the Playstation Maven just got the role of "Curly McClain" in his two-week summer camp version of Oklahoma!

This, of course, means that he will join the ranks of great Curly performers like Hugh Jackman and Gordon MacCrae and..................PM's dad.

"Git away from me, you hear....about all a man ken take. Now you sit over THERE and I will sit over HERE and you tell me...." Curly! You're sittin' on the stove!

Oh, classic stuff......

In the NBC series The Office, Dwight Schrute is quoyed saying "Yes I have acted before. I was in a production of "Oklahoma!" in the 7th grade. I played the part of Mutey the Mailman. They had too many kids so they made up roles like that. I was good."

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