Thursday, October 08, 2009

TBS Baseball Coverage -- Awful

Chip Carey in Twins v. Tigers: "There is a single to left, caught, the throw home....he is out, double play." I was at the game, so I have that one second hand.

Here are my complaints from last night:

1) Chip early in the game: "There is a single to left [ball is caught easily]......or I should say, caught by Delmon Young."

Chip -- any ball lined to the outfield is not automatically a hit. Teams have three outfielders out there trying to catch the ball.

2) The stupid pitch box. They are charting Francisco Liriano's pitches. #1 -- 2 feet outside; #2 -- a foot high; #3 low and inside; #4 -- a foot high. Thanks for the graphics taking up 20% of my screen. If I wanted to watch something that reminded me of Halo or Call of Duty, I would go sit with PM for 3 hours.

3) Ron Darling -- He seems to vary between a) "nearly comatose," b) "VERY understated" and c) "excited for no reason."

His general state is "a" -- I know you are Hawaiian, Ron, but my goodness, cut back on whatever you are smoking to relax yourself pre-game.

Mauer commits two base-running errors and barely scores -- Ron: "you see there when the catcher took his eye off Mauer, he went home." You are missing the entire point of the play, Ron, plus Mauer actually STOPPED after Posado looked away from him the first time.

Example of "b" -- Joe Mauer doubles -- "That is Joe Mauer. One of the better hitters in the league." One of the better hitters? 3 time batting champ? Led the league in average, OBS, slugging %, and OPS. When Ron was at his wedding, did he tell his wife, "You look as good or better than most brides"?

Ron as a CNN commentator -- "The United States -- one of the better militaries in the world."

Example of "c" -- Denard Span hits a hard one-hopper to A-Rod to start a double play. Ron goes on and on and on about how great A-Rod is for knowing exactly where to play Denard Span.
He must have spent 3 minutes praising A-Rod's awesome positioning.

Um, Ron, it was a bunting situation. He was in and near the line. Even IF it was his idea, it wasn't exactly a brilliant play.
Second, I would imagine that the Yankees don't just tell their fielders, "Go stand wherever you think he might hit the ball." I would suspect that the bench coach and manager know exactly where guys should be played and they tell A-Rod to stand in the appropriate spot.

Ron was extremely disappointed when Michael Cuddyer singled softly to right off Sabathia -- "That was unlucky for Sabathia." I have seen that ball hit 200 times in playoff baseball and the announcers 98% of the time will say, "Good piece of hitting there." Ron -- can't get over how unlucky C.C. was.

But when Span spanks a ball very hard right at A-Rod, is Span "unlucky" or C.C. "lucky" -- nope, that just goes to show how brilliant A-Rod is.

I turned the sound off in about the 5th inning.

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