Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mike Leach -- Fired

And so ends the whole "He said he had a concussion and couldn't practice so I made him stand for 3 hours in a dark room" discussion for now.

I think everyone knows that Leach did what he is accused of doing (taking a kid who could not practice and punishing him by putting him in isolation). Whether you describe it as "monitoring" the kid "closely with medical personnel around" or whether you consider it "putting him in a closet in the dark," one fact remains -- it was a dickish move and completely unnecessary. Leach was pissed that the kid would not practice so instead of (for example) just letting him sit and watch or (for example) just giving him the day off from practice, Leach just HAD to do something to show that he was unhappy about the kid going to the doctor and getting a note saying he could not practice.

Ultimate result -- they will settle and Leach will get a job somewhere else. He will be no worse for the wear and Texas Tech will try to find a cheaper coach who can win with Leach's players.