Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Danilo Gallinari -- One-Dimensional Gunner


30 year old Peja, Kiki Vandeweghe, Orlando Woolridge.

So, Denver, it took you 30 years, but you got Kiki back....with an accent.

The oddest thing to me about the Melo trade was the Nuggets' decision to give up Chauncey for Felton. Chauncey is clearly the better player. Felton played 40 minutes a night in NY and at a high pace of play (2nd in the entire league). The result -- to no one's surprise his raw stats got better.

But his overall stats really didn't increase that much and while his offensive rating went slightly up, his defensive rating went WAY down. His shooting percentage is worse, and he actually shoots only .7 more free throws a game.

So, in Denver, playing at a slightly lower pace of play and splitting time with Ty Lawson, how effective will Ray Felton be? I suggest "not very."

Upgrading from felton to Chauncey is a huge move by the Knicks.

If you have J.R. Smith (real name Earl Smith III -- he isn't even a JUNIOR!?!? Why the hell is his name J.R.!?!?) do you need Wilson Chandler AND Danilo Gallinari!?!?

Clearly not. So, the Nugs end with:

Felton -- downgrade
Chandler/Smith -- no 24 second violations on this club
Gallinari -- basically a guy who does nothing but shoot.
Nene -- enjoy trying to block 49 shots a game Nene
Kenyon Martin -- 1,000 years old.

The big question becomes - what can the Nuggets expect from Timofy Mozgov? Well, he is 7'1" and he moves well on the court. And he had like 5 dunks against the Clippers in one game.

Downside -- 24+ years old. His defensive rating of 108 is NOT good for a "shot blocker" and his offensive rating of 98 (on the Knicks) is terrible.

here are your similar players:
http://bkref.com/tiny/kl9NF So, a couple future all-stars and a bunch of guys who were flashes in the pan and then a bunch of guys that only fans like me know ever existed.

So what to say for grades?

Knicks -- A -- when you get the best guy in a trade, you win the trade. The Knicks got the TWO best guys in the trade. Will they struggle to fill the rest of the roster? Sure. But they have 3 starters who have been all-stars. Landry Fields is a decent player.

Nuggets -- C -- got what they could, which is better than getting nothing. Chandler, Felton and Gallinari all are decent offensive players, none will play a lick of defense, and Chandler and Gallinari are ##7 and 9 in the league in turnover percentage (which means they rarely turn the ball over because.........they shoot it -- Al Jefferson in #1 in the league in TO%).

Wolves -- traded Corey Brewer for Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry's contract. Who really cares? C+ (Randolph's rebounding and shot blocking numbers are very impressive.....he just can't make a shot).

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