Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deron Williams -- Traded to Nets

Couldn't the Wolves have become involved and received the Nets' 12th man plus some unwieldy contract. (By the way, the Wolves dealt Kosta Koufos to Denver yesterday -- why? I guess we didn't need 4 bad centers).

Williams has NOTHING to play with in New Jersey. My lord. Brook Lopez and...............Kris Humphries!?!? Sasha Vujacic???

The Jazz pick up Devin Harris (who used to date a "model" who appeared on Howard Stern's, a model in name only....) and Derrick Favors, plus 2 or 3 #1 picks.

No word on what Golden State will get for playing the throw-in role (aka the Minnesota role) in the deal.


Nets -- A -- you got one of the 16 best players in the league, plus he is young and plays point guard. You gave up Kris Humphries' current backup plus a guy who has regressed for 24 months. The #1s have to concern you, but your hope is Williams attracts other free agents and you never pick better than 18 while he is there.

Jazz -- D -- hard to believe this is the best deal you could swing. You allowed Sloan to be forecd out by this guy......then you lose this guy!?!?! You now are stuck with Al Jefferson as your best player!?!? Go look at the records of Boston and Minnesota in that scenario and then try to sleep at night. The #1s are all that keeps this from being an "F" grade. I would assume they MUST get NJ's #1 this coming year, which could be a very high pick.

Golden State -- Incomplete -- I have no idea.


K said...

Apparently Deron Williams is not happy with the trade. Jazz got rid of someone who didn't want to be there. You grade the Nets too high and the Jazz too harshly.

HM said...

Wolves got rid of Garnett who didn't want to be here anymore. cavs rid themselves of LeBron, Raptors of Bosh.

Not sure this whole "get rid of him, good riddance" idea has reaped a lot of rewards.