Monday, February 28, 2011

James Franco and Anne Hathaway -- My Thoughts Exactly

Though Franco spent 2010 trying to prove he could master every job even tangentially connected to showbiz, his non-acting persona is so laid-back and aloof that it's no surprise many viewers asked me if he was stoned.

Perhaps he was subtly working the telecast as his character from "Freaks and Geeks"!?!?

No; that's just Franco, but his demeanor from the evening started out like he couldn't remember why he had agreed to do this and ended like he deeply regretted the choice.

Exactly -- to be an Oscar host you have to just throw yourself out there and really not give a damn what people think. When you hire someone because they are cool and aloof, you are going to get someone who comes across as if they do not give a fuck. And when they realize that people are hating them, they will give it the old "fuck you" even harder.

He was barely invested in any of the comic bits, or the pomp and circumstance, which was in marked contrast to Hathaway, who threw herself into things with so much energy that I kept fearing she was going to collapse after her next "Woo!" More supple comic minds than Bruce Vilanch might have found a way to turn the opposites attract thing to their advantage, but there was no adjustment for the clash in style - instead, we got lame, random humor like Franco responding to Hathaway's tux by dressing up like Marilyn Monroe - so it just came across like she was killing herself to compensate for his apathy, making both of their presences uncomfortable.

You really had to feel sorry for Hathaway. Like a shooting guard whose 4 teammates have completely quit on the team, she tried harder and harder to salvage the situation, making herself look worse and worse.

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