Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jazz Attempting to Get Contracted Out of League???

First, they trade Deron Williams, then they state that they are interested in "other deals" where they would trade players and take back nothing in return, then........this little nugget from ESPN:

While it's "unlikely," according to a Jazz source, that Utah makes a big trade involving Millsap and/or Kirilenko, there are other, smaller moves possible as well. For instance, sources say the team has interest in Memphis big man Hasheem Thabeet.

Why?!?!? Who possibly is in charge in Utah that they would acquire Hasheem Thabeet!?!? this is a guy who was sent down to the D league and wasn't that good in the D league despite playing against guys 6-8 inches shorter every night! His NBA minutes have DECLINED with age! (By the way, he just turned 24 -- happy Birthday, Hasheem!).

But when a guy has numbers similar to Martin Nessley and Jim McIlvaine, how exactly can you keep from wanting him so badly???

(If you want to see a list of huge stiff centers who have trod the boards in the NBA, you HAVE to look at that tiny url I just cited -- guys 7'1" or taller who have averaged over .025 blocks but less than 2 points and 2 rebounds a game in a season, and were under 25).


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