Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jeff Green for Kendrick Perkins -- And Other Reports

From, my comments not in bold:

1. Sam Amick: Boston has agreed to send Nate Robinson and K. Perkins to Oklahoma City in exchange for Jeff Green and other pieces, source says. Twitter

Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Trade, Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson, Jeff Green share
Adrian Wojnarowski: OKC will also send Nenad Krstic to the Celtics for Perkins, source says. Twitter

This is extremely confusing -- why would the Celtics trade for a backup to Paul Pierce!?!? Perkins has always played well against the Lakers. Do the Celts figure that Jermaine and Shaq O'Neal are better options?

Winner -- OKC by a mile.


Celtics: C minus

2. Chris Vernon: Also = OJ Mayo might be traded to Indiana Pacers for Josh McRoberts and a 1st Rd pick - (oh geez) Twitter

I saw Mayo play last night -- he is Memphis's 3rd best off guard. Now that they have Battier (see below) he would have been 4th best. McRoberts blows donkey schlong and Hansbrough was coming on some, so the Pacers get better as well.

Memphis - B

Indiana - B

No winner/loser

3. Chris Vernon: BREAKING: Grizzlies trading H. Thabeet and 1st Rdr for Shane Battier Twitter

You get Shane Battier for a guy who has been flat out terrible plus what I assume is their own #1?? Done.

Memphis -- A minus (Battier old with expiring contract)

Houston -- C minus (would be lower but I assume they had decided not to re-sign Shane and got what they could).

4. Mike McGraw: Knicks offered Corey Brewer, sources say, but Bulls happier with Ronnie Brewer. Twitter

Winner -- team who did not get Corey Brewer

Bulls -- A plus

Knicks -- F plus (he is a warm body, but even if he is don't have his Bird rights, so there is no upside to playing him).

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Please refere to McRoberts as McBob.