Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jonny Flynn, Corey Brewer and Wes Johnson Set An NBA Record Likely to Never Be Duplicated

OK, I was just too curious to let this go. So last night Flynn, Brewer and Johnson all started for the Wolves and scored 0 baskets, had 0 assists and 0 rebounds.

Basketball-reference's computer database goes back to 1986-87. Since 1986-87 there have been 187 time when a starter has played at least 11 minutes in a game and recorded no baskets, no assists and no rebounds. http://bkref.com/tiny/a5XBH

If you sort the data by date, you will see the times that two players on the same date recorded 0/0/0, then you can look at the game at issue and see if they were teammates.

IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE LAST NIGHT that even 2 starters on the same team went 0/0/0 on field goals, assists and baskets while playing at as starters while playing at least 11 minutes. NEVER. The ability of these three guys to put up 0's on these three categories while starting together is unparalleled in NBA history. I mean, there is just no way of statistically explaining how remarkably terrible the combined play of these three men was last night.

But I will try:

All of these guys are under 26 years old -- sorting out guys over 26 who sucked this badly, you get only 76 times this has ever happened since 1986-87.

Sort then by a HOME game (this was a Wolves home game) -- only happened 31 times.

Take out the games by centers (who often start just so a big guy can start) and you get 22 times this has happened.

Since December of 2006, a young starter playing 11 minutes or more at home has put up 0/0/0 in these three categories 7 times.

So, in the past 4+ years, a young starter playing at home has only done this 7 times. THREE of those times happened at Target Center last night!!!

I am almost certain that reviewing records back to the start of the shot clock would find no similar feat by any three starters on the same team on the same night, no matter their age.

Amazing -- congrats Wolves! This is a mark of futility that will never be matched, or even approached.

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