Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rumor Shot Down -- Eddy Curry to MN

From a canishoopus.com article:

According to Jerry Zgoda,

'Sota's preference is still to deal just a first round pick straight up for Randolph. They lose little-to-nothing by staying out of the Melo deal entirely, so....as stated at the top....they have some leverage to force the Knicks to make their involvement worth the extra effort."

Danilo Gallinari remains the top player one would think the Wolves would be chasing here. Certainly he'd be my first pick. Kalenna Azubuike, Ronny Turiaf and Bill Walker all have some worth as well. And if Melo goes, pretty much anyone on the Nuggets' roster is up for sale. No chance the Wolves take on Al Harrington like the Nuggets will want, but they could certainly benefit from adding a Chris Andersen, and perhaps could be interested in a rental of JR Smith. And, of course, the Wolves have other assets of their own that could go out to help things along.

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