Monday, March 07, 2011

Heat meltdown continues;_ylt=Anq4YgbwAtAzCrZzAGE5ic05nYcB?slug=aw-heatissues030611

Yesterday "Coach" (I think it is safe to put this in quotes now, he looks about 12, except for the fact that he seems to have lost 35% of this hair in one year) Erik Spoelstra said, "You saw a number of guys crying in the locker room."

LeBron's former coach Mike Brown, on a national TV game, "Tell them to stop crying and start playing. Tell them to man up and start winning some games. My lord. There is no crying in basketball. Be a man."

I looked at the standings today, with 20 games left the Heat enjoy a 3 game lead on Orlando in the loss column and 4 on the Hawks. It is unlikely that the Heat slip down below 5, and they have almost clinched a playoff spot, so even a 20 game skid will not put them in the lottery. Frankly, if you are the Heat and you figure it out (and get SOME modicum of identity and coaching) you can be seeded anywhere 1-8 and still win). So, the next 20 games:

1) Establish an offense and a defense (you have Wade, LeBron and Bosh, maybe you trap and play some zone???)

2) Figure out how to make LeBron and Wade happy

3) Accept an "us against the world" attitude and turn the pain outward, "Look, all of those fuckers in the media want us to fail. Fuck them!"

What you have to understand is that Wade and LeBron are actually too nice. They talk big, but they are not true killers on the court.

KG -- has become an awful cheap shot artist, and he will kill you when your back is turned
Paul Pierce -- was knifed in a bar
Ray Allen -- when he plays Kobe, you can almost see the disdain in Ray Allen's face - "Kobe ain't better than I am"

Derrick Rose -- cheated to get into school, played for one of the biggest cheaters of all-time
Joakim Noah -- super dirty

Dwight Howard -- fouls 20 times a game, gets called for 3; 16 Technicals on the year, which means he should have 40

Kobe Bryant -- accused of rape because he banged a 20 year old chick by bending her over a hotel room couch, then (per Kobe) came in her face and told her to get the fuck out -- so yeah, not a nice guy
Pau Gasol -- dirty, cheap player
Ron Artest -- certifiably crazy

So these are the guys you are playing against, Heat. I suggest that you get a little tougher and angrier if you want to win basketball games.

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Chris Forgione said...

I can't see Miami winning a 2nd round playoff series. Interestingly, they don't appear as fast as Chicago, as big/tough as Boston, or as efficient as Orlando. I like Chicago coming out of the East. Noah is the type of player who wins because he doesn't require the ball to impact a game.

I stumbled on your blog recently, and love it. I am of similar age, and love hoops as well.