Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jalen Rose -- Duke Just Recruits Uncle Toms

And what did we learn from the ESPN story "Fab Five"? Rose claimed that while he was in a house where large amounts of crack were wasn't a drug house.

We also learned that no one at ESPN can remember that the Fab Five never won a Big Ten title or NCAA title.
1992 Ohio State
1993 Indiana
1994 Purdue
1995 Purdue

Seems like while everyone at ESPN can remember and show the halftime score of the 1992 title game (31-30 Michigan) no one can seem to remember the FINAL score -- that would be 71-51, Duke kicking Michigan's ass 41-20 in the second half.

The Fab 5 started the whole "Thug/Rap Culture" in college basketball???? Um, ever hear of UNLV? Hey, Jalen, I will say it -- you guys were basically nice boy-band sanitized versions of the Runnin' Rebels, made to sell white suburban kids Nike gear. Congrats on that accomplishment. While UNLV had as its star Larry Johnson (widely suspected of cheating to get into school, so he had to go to JC and then sneak in the back door to Vegas), and a guy like Moses Scurry who looked like he was 35 and straight out of solitary, you had Chris Webber -- straight A student at a small private school, real name "Mayce Webber III". So, as Kevin Garnett would say, you fellas were "fake thugs."

When things went bad for Webber, what did he do? Did he stand up for the Godfather of the old neighborhood? Nope, he saved his own ass from the slammer any way he could -- must be proud of THAT, huh Jalen?

And once Webber was gone -- Jalen surely won a title then, right, cuz.......oh wait, that is right, Jalen's team had their identity and NCAA hopes stolen away by Arkansas (who wore the even LONGER shorts that we see today in inner city games and the tighter uniform tops we see today).

Well, Jalen surely won an NBA title with...........OK, he didn't but WEBBER.........oh, maybe not, well, King and Jackson.........nope.

Juwan Howard, 1,000 years old, still playing -- maybe he can win one before age 60.

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K said...

"Fab 5" produced by Jalen Rose Productions. I kid you not!