Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Supreme Court -- Yes, In Fact, God may Hate Fags

I am all for free speech, but is the ridiculous position that God punishes NON-homosexuals for the actions of the government in passing some laws supporting homosexual rights really a "matter of public concern"??? Is it really a matter of public concern to say that a Catholic upbringing dooms all children raised Catholic to Hell?

I recognize that generally you are allowed to say whatever you want, within means, but the "interest" advanced here is SOOOOOOOOOOO minimal that I really don't see much on that side of the balancing scale.

If I were to go stand outside the Supreme Court all day with a sign saying "Old White People Are All Fags and Dikes" what possible public interest would I be advancing? The desire to kill or discriminate against old white people?

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