Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Whom To Believe -- Charlie Ward+The Bible or Pope Benedict???

Charlie Ward opined several years ago that the Jews killed Jesus. He certainly had a lot of support in the New Testament for his opinion:

See also, The Passion of The Christ (movie).

However, now Pope Benedict says that he has determined that the Jews did not kill Jesus. At least not "all" the Jews.

Um, did anyone other than Mel Gibson really believe that ALL of the Jews killed Jesus? I mean, will I be arrested tomorrow for my German heritage since ALL Germans killed the Jews in Hitler's Germany!?!?

I guess the Pope sort of owed the Jews a bone since he was, after all, a Hitler Youth member. But it is a little hard to tell people that the Jews or the Jewish priests had nothing to do with killing Jesus when the King James Bible (the literal word of God, remember, 879 year old men, man-swallowed-whole-by-whale-and-living, feed 200 people with 1 loaf and 3 fishes and all that) states that Jesus would not walk with Jewry because......................they were trying to kill him..................

And if anyone believes that Pope Benedict's conclusion will solve anti-Semitism, ask yourself this -- have you ever heard a Muslim terrorist leader state that they need to kill all Jews to........avenge Jesus!?!? I do not seem to recall that.


Anonymous said...

Chuck Lorre killed Jesus.
Charlie Sheen

HM said...

You mean Chaim Lorre.