Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cindy Crawford -- "Sometimes Mommy and Daddy Just Need a Quickie"

Pictured -- a pre-marriage Crawford.

I was watching TV last night with Diabetes Maven -- the 28 year old guy on "Baggage" revealed that he had not had sex in 2 years. I said, "ooooh!" DM says, "What are you laughing about, Dad? I doubt you do any better...."




Al Swearengen said...

I approve of this protocol (Cindy's not HM's).

RKG said...

Should have struck up a conversation with her about this topic when I was hangin' waiting for our limos in November at LGA!

HM said...

I will start building a tool shed in the back yard tomorrow. I will not stock the shed with any work implements.

Al Swearengen said...

Sounds like a foolproof plan. What woman would say no to sex in a shed?

Anonymous said...

from the article: "the importance of night cream" ? Is that what she calls what her husband produces in the shed?

thanks folks, I will be here all week.
GC Boy