Friday, April 01, 2011

Fort Myers Trip - Recap

Fort Myers - 85 and overcast. Sun never shined. Received the WORST map of all time from the rental car counter. One inch on the metro area map was about 50 miles. Road placed less than half an inch apart could be 5 miles apart or could be 17 miles apart. No idea.

No one knew how to get anywhere - maybe they were all drunk, but the general answer to questions about directions "yeah. That is a long way away. I don't know.". Hotel is filing for bankruptcy - which I did not know. Nice hotel.....just no hot water. At any time during the stay. So cold I may have Shrunk to say - only 8 or 10 inches.

Ate dinner with my parents at a great diner in Sebring FL. My two nieces and my sister came. So I was the 4th youngest person in the place. By about 17 years.

White population in diner - 100 percent.
Senior citizen population 99 percent with 40 people waiting for dinner

Sat next to a girl on the plane to Cincy who looks like a 155 pound Scarlett Johansson. Just a stunning girl, but could probably post me up.

Bought coffee and a bagel for 4.36. At the airport!!!! Wow. Coffee served at around 200 degree. Haven't had any in 10 minutes

plane leaves soon to Minny - we expect snow this weekend.

Gophers play baseball outside today.

PM made the sophomore baseball team.

All for love - I mean, all for now.

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RKG said...

Re shrinkage to 8 to 10 inches: I didn't think you could get much shorter than your curren 5'5" stature. Who knew??