Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Historically Bad Was Jonny Flynn's 2010-11 Season? 4th Worst In the Past 26 Years.

7.1 PER 85 offensive rating 114 defensive rating Played over 800 minutes. Negative win shares for the year. It really is hard to find such a terrible season for a guard since 1975-76:

You can argue that Charlie Scott's age 31 season was worse (negative 1.4 win shares). But you would have to ignore that his PER, O rating and D rating were all better). You can argue that DeShawn Stevenson and Stephen Graham were worse (lower PER, DeShawn shot worse) but that whole usage rate deal hurts you -- these guys are off guards, they won't have the ball as much as Flynn, so all other things being equal they will have lower PER.

DeShawn's O rating and D rating are also 29 points apart, the same as Flynn -- which is, quite frankly, horrific.

How terrible was Flynn this year?

If you take off the sort for "guards" but continue to search only for players who have played over 400 minutes in a season and who has recorded both an offensive rating worse than or equal to 86 and a defensive rating worse than or equal to 113, here is what you get:

1 Uwe Blab 1989-90 TOTNBA 531 minutes, 3.3 PER, 83 offratg 114 defratg -0.4 win shares
Negative 31 offensive rating versus defensive rating.

2 Lancaster Gordon 1985-86 LAC 704 minutes, 7.8 PER 86 ORTG 113 DRTG -1.1 win shares
Negative 27

3. Donte Greene 2008-09 SAC 725 minutes 5.2 PER 84 ORTG 116 DRTG -1.1 win shares Negative 32

4 Sasha Pavlovic 2009-10 MIN 877 minutes 83 ORTG 113 DRTG -1.2 win shares negative 30

5 Jonny Flynn 2010-11 MIN 983 minutes 85 ORTG 114 DRTG -1.3 win shares Negative 29.

Verdict: Jonny Flynn has just put up the 4th worst season since 1985-86 for a player who played over 400 minutes.

The Worst? Donte Greene. I am sorry, you go negative 32 between offense and defense, shoot 32% and put up a 5.2 PER with a 116 defensive rating, you are terrible.

Runner Up -- Uwe Blab
-- 3.3 PER!?!?! Negative 31? At least he only played about 500 minutes.

3rd Worst -- Pavlovic -- believe me, I watched him play, he was as awful as the stats show, a shooter who cannot shoot.

4th Worst -- Flynn

5th Worst -- Lancaster Gordon. You need to give some cred to Stephen Graham and DeShawn Stevenson too, so maybe they tie Lancaster for 5th.


Anonymous said...

Ironically, or not, both of the players discussed in the conclusion were Syracuse guys who left early for greener pastures.
Coincidence? I think not!

Anonymous said...

We told them not to leave so early, but a million dollars is worth more than a million fans.

HM said...

Wes Johnson's very mediocre rookie campaign, by comparison, seems almost all-star like.