Friday, April 29, 2011

Peja Stoyakovic and Emeka Okafor Put Up 0 Assists For An Entire Playoff Series

It has only happened 7 times that a player has played over 125 playoff minutes in a season and registered 0 assists.

Okafor's 188 minutes places him 3rd on the all-time list (behind Tyrone Hill and Charles Jones).

Peja's team advanced, so at 141 minutes he has a pretty good chance of surpassing Happy Hairston for 4th (just needs 9 assist-less minutes) and, at his current pace, he will blow by Charles Jones in Game 4 of the Lakers series.

Charles Jones played in 19 games without registering an assist. While his minutes were obviously limited, he clearly knew his role, attempting only 13 shots in those 19 games and turning it over only 5 times total.

Peja has 4 steals in the playoffs!?!?!? That is a blistering pace for him. His career stats per 36 minutes is 1.0, and he has not reached that level in any season since 2005.

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