Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rick Adelman -- Fired -- Boy, Talk About Wrongful Termination!


The Rockets GM says Adelman agreed that he was not the guy to take Houston to an NBA title. Well, yeah, I would expect NBA title with Yao out for yet another season and with Houston's best player being Kevin Martin and with Houston trading Shane Battier (one of the game's greatest winners) for............Hasheem Thabeet.

I mean, what the hell is Rick Adelman doing not using Thabeet to win an NBA title?!?!? Good riddance. Maybe he couldn't figure out how to use the Brad Miller/Chuck Hayes/Jordan Hill juggernaut that had been handed to him!?!?

When you hire Rick Adelman, you should know what you are getting:

1) Great offensive coach (Rockets were third in points per game, 8th in pace of play, 4th in offensive rating). This despite having no all-star or all-NBA candidates on the active roster for much of the year.

2) Guy who cares little about defense (19th in defensive rating, 22nd in points allowed per game).

3) Guy who has always won (43 and 39 this year, 1561 NBA games, he has had 2 1/2 losing seasons).

4) Guy who isn't a miracle worker (give him a good team and he will do well, give him a poor team and he will always do a little less well -- he is an above average coach).

So, Kurt Rambis -- still has a job. Rick Adelman -- nope.

2) he does

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