Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slovenian Melenia Knavs, er, Melania Knauss, er, Malania Trump (OK -- Donald's Third Wife) Demands Proof That Barack Obama is a U.S. Citizen

If I were Melania Knavs/Knauss/whatever her real name was when she was allegedly born in Slovenia:

1) I would be a lot better looking than I am.

2) Despite #1, I would be banging someone a lot WORSE looking whenever that hideous troll wanted to bang me.

3) I would try to spend LESS time worrying about whether the U.S. President is a natural born citizen (or is, in fact, some foreigner who is just taking advantage of the U.S. after moving, you know, like me); and

4) I would spend a lot MORE time worrying that on April 26 I turn 41 - with a body now ravaged by age and pregnancy. Trump divorced his first fashion model wife when she turned..............43.

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