Monday, May 09, 2011

Bill Simmons Tweets On the Lakers

@sportsguy33 Wow! I never thought the gutless walkout of the '91 Pistons would be topped but it's happening! about 20 hours ago

@sportsguy33 Kobe's 4th mega-blowout in a closing game since 2003: '03: 28 pts. '06: 31 pts. '08: 39 pts. '11: ?? (In '04 Finals: they lost by 13.) about 20 hours ago

@sportsguy33 I hate the Lakers and even I don't want Phil Jackson's career to end with his team quitting on him. about 21 hours ago

@sportsguy33 This would be a stunning sweep. On paper, LA has 4 of the best 5 players in the series. Their 4th best player (Odom) would be #2 for Dallas. about 21 hours ago

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K said...

Nah, the gutless walkout of the '91Pistons was not topped, but totally lack of class and pride.