Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can We Please, At Least Now, Do Away With the Fantasy That Kobe Is Better Than LeBron?

Look at the PER, assists, rebounds, shooting percentage, minutes played, Win Shares, Offensive rating, Defensive rating.....etc, etc.

Folks, it is not even close.


LBJ -- 27 PER, 117 offensive rating, 100 defensive rating

The Devil -- 21 PER, 105 offensive rating, 110 defensive rating.

Can we put an end to this love of Kobe crap?

Well, that is not fair, what if you compared the two guys through, say, exactly 627 regular season games played.

Oops, things do not get any better for Kobe.

Well, how about entire career versus entire career:

Unless your goal for a player is to be a slightly better free throw shooter than someone else, James has been a far, far better player in every other category, AND LeBron's Offensive and Defensive rating numbers in the playoffs stay level or actually improve, while the Devil' not.

Sorry, folks. LeBron is just a better player -- he just never got to be coached by Phil Jackson or play with a young Shaq.


K said...

Can I hate both?

RKG said...

Yes! (and the only guy seemingly more bitter than LeBron is, inexplicably, HM!)