Friday, May 13, 2011

Comments on the 2010-11 All-NBA Team

The complete First, Second and Third team selections are below:

•First team

F — LeBron James, Miami (119) 595 -- sure

F — Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City (69) 492 -- sure

C — Dwight Howard, Orlando (118) 593 -- sure

G — Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers (98) 551 – um, doubtful, see below

G — Derrick Rose, Chicago (118) 593 -- sure

•Second team

F — Pau Gasol, L.A. Lakers (2) 259 – fortunately voting closed before playoffs began

F — Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas (47) 437 -- sure

C — Amar’e Stoudemire, New York (2) 258 -- paucity of centers

G — Dwyane Wade, Miami (24) 392 – he should have taken Kobe’s spot.

Wade and Kobe the same across the board, except Wade is a better percentage shooter, better rebounder and far more productive defender.

G — Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City 184 -- sure

•Third team

F — LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland 135 – yes, could be ahead of Gasol

F — Zach Randolph, Memphis —67 – had a great year

C — Al Horford, Atlanta —62 -- wow. 6’9” center who scores like 15 a night makes all-NBA team.

G — Manu Ginobili, San Antonio 106 – I guess someone from Spurs had to make it.

G — Chris Paul, New Orleans 157 -- sure

Other players receiving votes, with point totals: Rajon Rondo, Boston, 68; Paul Pierce, Boston, 55; Carmelo Anthony, Denver-New York, 53; Kevin Love, Minnesota, 48; Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 43; Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers, 36; Tony Parker, San Antonio, 27; Kevin Garnett, Boston, 22; Deron Williams, Utah-New Jersey 19; Steve Nash, Phoenix, 17; Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee, 13; Monta Ellis, Golden State, 11; Nene, Denver, 11; Andrew Bynum, L.A. Lakers, 9; Kevin Martin, Houston, 7; Tyson Chandler, Dallas, 7; Joakim Noah, Chicago, 5; Marc Gasol, Memphis, 3; Al Jefferson, Utah, 3; Kendrick Perkins, Boston-Oklahoma City, 3; Andrea Bargnani, Toronto, 2; Chris Bosh, Miami, 2; Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia, 1; Emeka Okafor, New Orleans, 1; Eric Gordon, L.A. Clippers, 1; Gerald Wallace, Charlotte-Portland, 1; Jason Kidd, Dallas, 1; Luis Scola, Houston, 1; Luol Deng, Chicago, 1; Ray Allen, Boston, 1.

You really cannot bitch about basically ANY vote for center, but if Al Jefferson got any forward votes, that is a crime.

There were people who HONESTLY believed that Noah, Bargnani, Bosh, Iggy, Wallace, Scola and Deng had better years than Aldridge or Randolph? Do these people WATCH basketball? Eric Gordon? Can you play like 55 games and be all-NBA?

I know Paul Pierce has morphed into a team player, but as a player whose primary skill is scoring can you go 19-5-3 and be all-NBA? He was 7th in forward voting!!!

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