Monday, May 16, 2011

Minnesota Sports Teams -- The Worst Ever Since 1961

On more depressing news -- the paper reports people in Ramsey County have found out that they can stop the Vikings stadium by just getting 25,000 signatures and putting it on the ballot.

Here is how I suggest the ballot question by phrased:

"In Ramsey County, we have an old army dump laden with toxins and carcinogens in a town few even knew existed until around a month ago. The State of Minnesota and Zygi Wilf's family are willing to spend about $2 billion on roads, a stadium, and a lot of commercial and residential development at this shithole, if you will just pay $10.05 every time you take your cousin-wife to McDonald's for the next 30 years, rather than your current $10. Will you agree to that?"


___ Yes, of course, I am not a moron.

___ No, because Ramsey County badly needs a polluted former army munitions dump.


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K said...

HM-nice. You should have draft the ballot question for the Tilted Kilt issue in Evanston!