Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Orbitz Customer Service Nightmare.

So, as you will see below, my flight was canceled. I had booked the flight through Orbitz.

I think - well, Delta customer service will be jammed so I will use Orbitz. I should have,instead, given the woman behind me in line a baseball bat and let her hit me in the lower back three times. I would have felt better and at least she would have done what I said.

I get a guy on the phone whose name I did not catch, but he was a reject from "Outsourced". You could understand 80 percent of what he said, maybe. He asked for my 15 character confirmation number (which I somehow had). He then wanted my seek code. Seek code? Yes - seek code. Um do you mean seat code? No Zeke code. What is a Zeke code? No. Zeet code. I don't have a seat code. How cN you not have a seet code? Don't you have an address? Oh a ZIP code.

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