Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NY-26, My Old Congressional District, Goes DEMOCRAT!?!?

Jane Corwin loses in a special election yesterday. This is astounding.

I thought Indiana and NC going Obama was remarkable, but certainly it is nothing compared to this.

You should be able to run an absolute nobody in upstate NY and win this seat. It is about a 60% GOP district, maybe 30% Dem and 10% "independent" -- that 10% basically being Republicans who hate everyone so they won't say they are Republicans.

So, you take a district where you have 70% Republicans, to get under 50% of the vote you really really need to suck.

The big problem for Republicans? The fact that they are all saying they support Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare, give old people $15,000 worth of health insurance, and dedicate the savings to more tax cuts for people making over $250,000 a year. How is that plan going for them? Ask Jane Corwin and these folks:

Indeed, the GOP has been doing plenty of grappling lately, but it's been mostly with constituents and members of the party. Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was browbeaten by his party for calling the Medicare plan "right-wing social engineering" and endorsing Paul Ryan's budget, which includes Medicare reform as its signature component and has become a litmus test for candidates.

At home, Republicans have faced hostile town halls with seniors questioning how they'll be able to purchase private insurance with a voucher that doesn't rise at the rate of health care costs. At a recent town hall, a constituent of Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) raised a practical obstacle to obtaining coverage in the private market within the confines of an employer-based health insurance system: What happens when you retire?

Woodall told the woman, basically -- shut your fucking mouth and stop whining. Just get another fucking job you low-life oldster and stop suckling off government health care (you know, like Congress has).

By the time the GOP figures out how stupid Ryan's plans are, they may be facing complete annihilation at the ballot box.

Good lord, guys, at least take the proposed savings and apply it to the deficit. Right? When I tell my kid he has to get through the season with his current catchers glove, I don't then turn around and say "so I can get my garage floor paved in gold leaf."

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