Friday, May 06, 2011

Peja Stojakovic Edges past Okafor -- No Assists in 189 Minutes of Playoff Action

Peja had a real simple pass to Dirk the other night where Dirk could have shot it right away. Dirk held, and held, and held (probably negating the assist in any event) then missed an 18 footer. When the ball left Peja's hands I was worried that the quest for 300 minutes of no-assist playoff basketball (and/or the all-time record) was in danger.

Peja now at 189 consecutive minutes in one season of playoffs without an assist. As best I can tell, thanks to the good people at, this is 3rd place all-time. He now needs only 8 minutes to surpass Tyrone Hill, then it is on to Charles Jones' 237 minute mark (the current record).

On a games basis, Peja's 8th game without an assist only puts him in a 21-way tie for 33rd on the "most games without an assist" list.

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