Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pippa Middleton Raises an Interesting Question

Her sister Kate is taller, better hair, prettier face. Stand them next to each other and Kate is just the better choice.......if they are clothed. I would say Kate is 9 face 8 body 8 doability while Pippa is 7 face, 8 body, 10 doability. A facebook rating tie of 25.

So let me ask you, dear readers -- what is more important to attracting a male -- being prettier or being hotter?

Even if you do not agree with me on the Kate/Pippa rating, do you/guys generally agree that in picking a serious relationship partner that you would rather have the slightly less hot slut rather than the prettier princess???

Any answer welcome (except for, "I would do them both" or equivalent -- that is not helpful).

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