Friday, May 27, 2011

Pippen Is Wrong -- LeBron Is Not Better Than Jordan

You will almost never hear a bad word about LeBron James here, but come on Scottie. Take it easy a little here.

Under any overall statistical comparison, Michael was not only a better scorer, he was a better overall player. PER is higher, shooting percentage is higher, steals plus blocks is higher, and Jordan had won titles by his 8th year in the league -- which LeBron has not yet.

Even if you take Michael's ENTIRE career (including 2 years in Washington) and use all of the numbers, his stats are still better than LeBron's -- better PER in regular season and playoffs, better shooter, more steals plus blocks, bigger spread between offensive rating and defensive rating, better win shares and win shares per 48 in the playoff and the regular season.

I hold no ill will whatsoever toward LeBron -- he is my favorite NBA player. But he just is not quite the player Jordan was. He is probably statistically closer than anyone has ever been, but he just is not quite that player.


RKG said...

I hold lots of ill-will towards LeBron. Go Mavs!!

Anonymous said...

Pippen is right, LeBron is better. Look, Pippen played with Jordan, he obviously knows The King is a better player.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful argument. Grant also played with Jordan and said Jordan was the best. Jackson coached Jordan and said Jordan could average 50 in today's NBA. Jordan had better numbers all around in a more difficult era where the rules favored the defender. Lebron isn't even close.

Anonymous said...

Pippen is a Hall of Fame player who knows Michael's strengths and weaknesses better than anyone. If he thinks LeBron is better why shouldn't we give his opinion a lot if weight?