Monday, May 09, 2011

Rich Wing -- Romney; Poor Wing -- Palin

I have a lot of friends who are smart and wealthy Republicans. I don't blame these people for being Republicans. They are looking out for their own financial interest and they really don't give a fuck about other people. Ok, fine. Be that way. But at least it makes some sense.

The "Poor Wing" however -- they are morons. They vote against their own best interest because Joel Osteen or Pat Robertson or (fill in name of some actual modern relevant preacher) tells them that God wants them to.

Proof of this? College educated GOP -- little support for the idiot Sarah Palin. Rich people -- less support for Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann is almost in last place with these people.

Among GOP people making under $24,000 (who for some reason really fear Obama will "raise my taxes" -- which "I" don't pay any, but anyway) Palin leads Romney 22 to 9, and Michele Bachmann(!!!) almost matches Romney (7 to 9).

What I have said for some time: the likely winner -- Hucklebuckle. He has across the board support. Not real strong support, but no single group really hates him. He just has to watch out when he says stuff like "Tax cuts for millionaires would not be my #1 priority." Uh, Mikey, you are a Republican -- tax cuts for the super wealthy is your first, next and only priority. Just remember that.


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Al Swearengen said...

Huckabee says he's not running. Where do his votes go, now?