Saturday, May 21, 2011

Travel log - part 2.

Some idiot cut the power at terminals a b. C and D. So- everything is canceled. My best choice - through Atlanta tomorrow at 5 am. Fucking a.

The incompetence of the airport and the airline was remarkable (not compared to Orbitz which will get its own entry but still pretty bad). Note -- this reminds me of when Milhouse's dad Kirk was being arrested and Chief Wiggum said "you are going away to some place dirty and awful -- ok not nearly as awful as this apartment, but still pretty bad".

They had canceled all flights from 4 terminals - still showed them as on time and at their old gates.

They allowed people to walk down to their proposed gates. All you had to do was pull a rope line across the hall and post one person to say "all flights canceled". Nope.

They could have sent people out front to ticketing here they had 100 agents available - nope. Want help? Go to F1 or F2 or G10. I kid you not - the line was 600 people long at G10. At the end of the line?? 2 agents.

They offered a Hotel voucher - but no reservation. Oh. And the voucher covered the hotel bill.....all but 79 dollars.

The whole thing was amazingly awful. The line for a hotel voucher was 2 hours long.

All of this was such a remarkable fuck up, but I felt like aa VIP at a 5 star hotel compared to my experience with Orbitz.


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