Sunday, May 22, 2011

Up late with no chance of sleep entry

Played some cards with my parents and siblings. Went to dinner at 5. Had beef on kimmelweck. Oh go was it awesome.

Had one of my brother's wings - again, awesome upstate ny delicacy.

Back home by 630. Asleep on the couch by 7. Slept through 9. Then went to bed. My dad - snoring so loud the paint was peeling. Up at 1040. Tried to go to the living room where my brother is sleeping. Almost asleep - he starts snoring like a jet engine taking off.

Karma, I guess, is a real bitch. All of the people tortured by my snoring through the years are laughing their asses off at me - and that is the sound I actually hear. I tried sleeping in the bathtub. You can hear my brother through the wall. And he has no bathroom fan (how is that possible?).

So I figured watch the end of the Heat Bulls tilt - nope. He has no cable. So I am, to put it mildly, out of luck.

It is 1220 and I cannot sleep. So I shaved. WTF ? Might as well. 630 am I need to be on the road to interview 8 kids for one scholarship. Good crew this year. One old classmate's kid. Kid's other parent must be Stephen Hawking if my old classmate is a parent and this kid is top 10 in the class.

I guess Chris Bosh actually did something tonight. With that miracle already accomplished I guess God is too tired to stop the snoring here for 30 minutes so I might drift off to sleep!!!

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Al Swearengen said...

This is classic material. The only thing left for you to accomplish on the trip is to awake one morning with Del Griffith's hand wedged in your rearside.

Good luck!!