Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vikes to..............Arden Hills?????

1. Population? -- 9,900

2. Best feature that warrants a $1B investment? -- has available land.

3. Why does it have available land if it is only 10 miles from Minneapolis? -- because there is a former munitions dump there and all of the property is toxically polluted!!

4. Are there existing good roads that will take me right to the stadium location? Not really.

5. The most affluent suburbs in the Twin Cities are South and West of the cities, so where is this location? -- mostly north, a little east.

In short, this is a "just add water" idea to put a massive stadium project where nothing currently is (or for that matter, wants to be).

I guess it COULD work...........or be a horrible disaster similar to Springfield spending all of its money on a Monorail.


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Al Swearengen said...

Don't get too far ahead of yourself on this. Governor Dayton estimates today that a new stadium and additional development could require State investment of $240 million in road improvements. That's higher than the estimate the Vikings and Ramsey County have the State spending as part of its contribution for road improvements.