Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a title would mean to The Legacy of Dirk or LeBron

Go to basketball-reference,com and search for players with over 80 playoff games, a playoff PER over 19 and at least 0.1 win shares per 48 minutes played.

There are 39 guys. Now sort by greatest win shares per 48. Number 1 - Jordan. Number 2 - LeBron. Number 3 - Dirk.

Yet should Dirk and/or LeBron lose again, they will be deemed non-winners and history will so note that fact.

Should either win the title, he moves way up the all-time list of greatest NBA players. Dirk to top 20. LeBron arguably to top 10.

So a shitload is riding on these next 10 games for both guys.

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